Nicole Gose

VoiceOver Clients (Partial List)                                         Commercial Music Clients (Partial List)
Disney                                                                                Apple
Adobe                                                                                Best Buy
Oral-B                                                                                Nokia
Kyocera                                                                              Positively Kids
Cabela’s                                                                             Thermadyne
Amazon                                                                             Planet CPU
Lowes Supermarket (spokesperson)                                  Peekaboo Ponytail Hats
Spotify                                                                               Sunriver Homes Real Estate
Pandora                                                                             Moneywise Guys Radio          Facebook                                                                           Vilyura Spa
Buddha Groove                                                                  Girl Scouts of New Jersey
Joybird Furniture                                                               Atlantic Bedding
Shoppers Drug Mart                                                          Move and Explore
Jada Toys                                                                           The Coin Outlet
University of Iowa                                                             Maximillian Schnauzers
Optio Publishing                                                                J&LT Photography

South College Asheville                                                    Twiez
Laser Bounce
The Quiet Window (spokesperson)

The Musubi Murder                                Frankie Bow                                   Audible
The Defunct Adjunct                              Frankie Bow                                   Audible
Surviving Southside series                     Susan Korman                                Lerner Books
Book Buddy Audio                                  Numerous titles of excerpts from classic and modern literature

Heroes of Newerth                                  “Scorpio”                                        Frostburn Studios
Heroes of Newerth                                  “DDRhapsody”                               Frostburn Studios
Heroes of Newerth                                  “URSA Ravus Artillery”                  Frostburn Studios                               Heroes of Newerth                                  “Popcorn Pearl”                             Frostburn Studios
Seven Knights                                          “Velika/Alice, others”                    Netmarble Games
Blade and Soul                                         “Military Commander”                  NCSOFT
Undisclosed Sci-fi Military Game             “Commander/Tank Driver”            Undisclosed

One Punch Man (TV eps 5-11)                    Walla/ADR                                      (dir) Tony Oliver
Sword Art Online (movie)                           Walla/ADR                                      (dir) Alex Von David
A Lull in the Sea (TV)                                  Walla/ADR                                      (dir) Wendee Lee                              Charlotte (TV)                                             Walla/ADR                                       (dir) Tony Oliver
Aldnoah.Zero (TV)                                      Production Assistant                        (dir) Lex Lang
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (TV)                     Production Assistant                         (dir) Kevin McMullan

Forgetting Sarah Marshall                       Featured                                       (dir) Nicholas Stoller
The Orb                                                    Lead                                             (dir) Scott Lee Mason
Lost                                                          Featured                                       (dir) Jack Bender
Hawaii Public Broadcasting                     Announcer                                    Olelo
Icicle Climb                                              Lead Puppeteer                            Oregon Lottery

Of Mice and Men                                     Lead                                             Winningstad Theatre, Portland, OR

Improv: Upright Citizens Brigade LA, Groundlings, Improvatorium with Patrick Bristow, Brody Theater Portland
Commercial Voiceover: Carroll Kimble, Bill Holmes, Susan Palyo, Micaela Stepanovich
Animation Voiceover: Richard Horvitz, Susan Palyo
ADR/Dubbing: Tony Oliver, Bang Zoom!
Acting/Scene Study: Stan Egi (University of Hawaii), Suzanne Kent (Groundlings)

Special Skills
Vocal Range: Alto, Contralto, Mezzo Soprano
Accents: New York (Bronx), Southern American, Californian, Hawaiian pidgin, British (Standard and Cockney), Australian, Eastern European
Instruments: Piano, Synthesizer, Acoustic and Electric guitar, Tenor and Alto Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Harmonica
Sports: Tennis, Badminton, Bowling, Swimming, Water Volleyball, Golf, Basketball
Additional Interests: Playing and Designing Boardgames, Cooking, Inventing Cocktails, Creating short films and music videos, Songwriting, Writing short stories and poetry